THERMINOL® 66 Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluid  

Product description

THERMINOL®66 is the most widely used liquid-phase high temperature heat transfer fluid in the world. It can be used in  -7 ℃ ~345 ℃ applications and delivers important performance: high thermal stability, high degree of customer satisfaction, reliability and fouling resistant.


THERMINOL®66 is widely used in the industrial fields including
chemical fiber industry
petrochemical industry
plastic industry
petroleum industry.

For more information on Therminol 66 systems and applications, please E-mail us or contact our sales representative. 

Typical properties

Optimum use range: -7 ℃ ~345 ℃


Clear, pale  yellow liquid


Modified terphenyl



Flash point

184 ℃

Fire point

212 ℃

Autoignition point

374 ℃

Kinematic viscosity
40 ℃
100 ℃


Density (25 ℃ )


Specific gravity(20 ℃ /20 ℃)


Coefficient of thermal expansion (200 ℃ )

0.000819/ ℃

Average molecular weight


Pour point

-32 ℃


-3 ℃
11 ℃

Minimum temperature for  fully developed  turbulent flow (Re=10000)
10 feet/second, 1 inch tube
20 feet/second, 1 inch tube

72 ℃
53 ℃

Minimum temperature for  transition region flow (Re=2000)
10 feet/second, 1 inch tube
20 feet/second, 1 inch tube

35 ℃
26 ℃

Boiling range

348 ℃
392 ℃

Normal boiling point 

359 ℃

Heat of vaporization at maximum use  temperature 345 ℃


Optimum use range

0~345 ℃

Maximum film temperature

375 ℃

Pseudocritical temperature

569 ℃

Pseudocritical pressure


Pseudocritical density


These data are based upon samples tested in the laboratory and  are not guaranteed for all  samples. Please E-mail us or contact our sales representative for more detailed properties or sales specifications of THERMINOL® 66.

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